Introducing the NFT Authentication Process

A New Approach for Authentication through NFTs

Tezos Israel
2 min readAug 15, 2022
(Photo by Rodion Kutsaev on Unsplash)

Over the past several months, Tezos Israel has been utilizing a unique approach to mint NFT and authenticate collections. Namely, creating NFTs for a variety of use-cases and authenticating them by sending them from an origin wallet. This process is used to allow any entity to establish legitimacy as the main and only creator of a given NFT collection, mint those NFTs and then distribute them to the respective audience.

As NFTs began to gain traction and Tezos became more dominant in the NFT space, people’s interest to utilize NFTs in their communities increased. As integrators of Tezos in Israel, various entities in the Israeli hi-tech ecosystem contacted us about doing NFTs for their respective audiences. To accomplish these NFT airdrops, we worked closely with their teams to understand their use-cases and how exactly to implement NFTs into their existing companies. From there, we compiled a system of airdropping pictures from an origin wallet. We have used this process in NFT drops, certificates, diplomas, event giveaways and more. Some example companies in which we utilized this process is:

  1. Tech12 — One of the largest tech publications in Israel
  2. CPA Union of Israel — Graduation diplomas
  3. MBA College of Management — Graduation diplomas
  4. Bat Yam Municipality Public School Blockchain Olympics program
  5. Biotech startup in Tel Aviv

We are excited to share our process for authenticating and airdropping NFT’s, thus establishing legitimacy and onboarding thousands of new users to blockchain. We are aware this process is quite cumbersome, so we are actively considering new ideas to automate it and make it universally accessible

Here is the documentation with the step-by-step process on Tezos and more on our philosophy of the technique.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to reach out to us @TezosIsrael on Twitter. We’re excited to be developing the future of the internet with two flourishing ecosystems: Tezos and Israel!



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